As a truly global organization PartnersGlobal can mobilize our network and broad partnerships to scale successful programs, foster cross-regional learning and collaboration, broker “south-south” capacity-building and coaching, and channel powerful partnerships and innovative solutions for greater impact around the globe.

Sustainable Impact Investing

Our proven approach to investing in sustainable local Partners Affiliate Centers shows that the role of an intermediary organization like PartnersGlobal is vital to incubating sustainable local leadership. PartnersGlobal provides the credibility and past performance to investors that might otherwise hesitate to fund new, local organizations. And through continuous training and on-site coaching in practical topics like business and proposal development, project and financial management, and leadership, PartnersGlobal transfers the skills and expertise to the local organization to engender client confidence. PartnersGlobal can often facilitate access to high-level diplomatic circles and corporations for convening and problem solving when there is limited access for local organizations. Finally, PartnersGlobal helps market the organization’s services and strengths to a wider international audience through conferences, technology and media.

Each new Partners’ Affiliate joins the Partners Network, gaining access, and contributing to, the knowledge embedded in over 200 practitioners around the world.  Building on PartnersGlobal platform of experience, and drawing on the Network knowledge bank, social entrepreneurs are building their Partners Affiliate Centers using the latest methodologies, innovative programming, and organizational models. PartnersGlobal’s Knowledge Management System enables Centers to access best practices, training programs, project designs and reports, and materials from all the Centers. This knowledge bank is available to all affiliates, and provides new Centers the opportunity to readily disseminate change and conflict management expertise in their countries.

Narrative Change for Peace

PartnersGlobal is convening local and international peacebuilders, social entrepreneurs, democratic activists, and creatives. We are facilitating non-partisan social sector investment and building bridges amongst industries and between local and global actors to reframe the narrative of global peace.

Increasingly, the world is facing the threat of negative language and imagery that bombards our various screens, the airwaves and print media. A counter-attack to dampen the floodgates of fear and divisiveness cannot be the strategy of one sector or one institution alone. It is a collective commitment to address this threat through strong and united, issues-based coalitions working in unison to prevent the backwards momentum into isolationist, nationalistic and individualistic societies.

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