PartnersGlobal was one of the pioneering organizations at the forefront of the post-communism transition to democracy in the region. With over 25 years of unwavering and credible leadership in the civil society sector, we continue to be on the cutting edge of inclusive and accountable governance; professional mediation and ADR services; combatting radicalization, tolerance and diversity programming; NGO training and sustainability; local philanthropy; and private sector partnerships. Some of the most seasoned and creative facilitators, trainers and conflict resolution professionals within our network are based in the original European Centers and now actively share their expertise throughout the world.

Local Partners

affiliatesPartnersGlobal was founded in Central and Eastern Europe, and our presence in this part of the world remains strong. Our eight Affiliate Centers and hundreds of other local partners in the region remain deeply interconnected to continue the slow slog of democracy promotion in the region, working for the values of a peaceful and united Europe. PartnersGlobal is actively linked with many other large European networks of civil society so that our Transatlantic ties remain strong and the voices of all our local partners are heard by European decision-makers.