Inclusive Societies

Resilient and prosperous societies are based on tolerance and inclusion. That’s why PartnersGlobal works to remove the barriers that prevent marginalized groups from taking part in the governance processes and institutions that most affect them. We provide leadership and skills training to individuals and offer organizational development support to governments and civil society to improve multi-cultural awareness and cooperation across ethnic, religious, gender, and age boundaries.

Empowering Women and Youth

Women and young people must be incorporated as equal partners in decision-making at all levels. This commitment has led PartnersGlobal to mainstream gender and youth into all core technical areas, including: conflict transformation; civil society leadership and capacity building; good governance; and security sector reform. This ensures that our work is designed and implemented with all relevant stakeholders, leading to more sustainable, relevant, locally-owned, and context-appropriate outcomes.

Tolerance & Integration

The difficulties of working in conflict-affected contexts are significant if we fail to understand how historical fragilities in the social fabric can erode the conditions for more tolerance and inclusion. In over two decades of working in difficult regions and sectors, PartnersGlobal has achieved unique and significant success in these challenging context, including in: remote regions of Yemen controlled by disputing tribes; favelas in Rio de Janeiro rife with violent crime; indigenous societies in Colombia looking to resolve conflicts through legal pluralism; and ethnically diverse communities in the Balkans traditionally marked by blood feuds.


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