Training, Coaching & Capacity Building

PartnersGlobal has a large menu of training and coaching programs available to support knowledge-building and skills-building for individuals and organizations working at all levels of society.

Whether in civil society, government, business or other sectors, everyone requires skills to facilitate good communication, collaboration and inclusion of all stakeholders.

For more than 25 years, PartnersGlobal practitioners have developed training programs on advocacy, conflict management, consensus building, local governance, tolerance and diversity, participatory decision-making, mediation, financial management, and many other skill sets. PartnersGlobal boasts a large cadre of experienced trainers from around the world.  Our training manuals are translated into many languages and have been adapted to reflect the local context in each country where we work. Recognizing that different groups have varying needs and uses for these skills, PartnersGlobal has also adapted training manuals and programs to the specific interests of audiences such as NGO staff, government officials, educators, trainers, minority leaders, and women’s advocates.

Illustrative Clients:

  • The Rotary Peace Center of the University of North Carolina hired PartnersGlobal to conduct a training for their Peace Fellows on Partnership Strategies for Peacebuilders and the Private Sector.
  • Together with the JAMS Foundation, PartnersGlobal designed and delivered an innovative new global training and coaching program for experienced mediators to learn techniques for effective mediation promotion, Pathways to Sustainable Mediation.



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