Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

PartnersGlobal has developed an innovative approach to Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E) services that focuses on broad stakeholder engagement to produce mutual understanding amongst our clients, their donors, implementers, local counterparts and beneficiaries.

In order for clients to assess the contribution their interventions are making towards a stated goal, they must inherently reach out to their constituencies to determine a common theory of change that drives their actions, and then involve these groups in the reflection and learning process to capture outcomes and results. PartnersGlobal DM&E experts are uniquely trained to help convene and facilitate this process and to guide clients through a comprehensive design, monitoring and evaluation process. Our experience has demonstrated that DM&E must be incorporated at all stages of a project’s life cycle and that the role of a DM&E expert must be embedded within any project team. PartnersGlobal therefore strives for long-term engagement with clients to work closely with them on producing quality evaluation products that stress learning outcomes coupled with technical rigor provided by an external DM&E function.

PartnersGlobal and our international network of experts have provided DM&E services in over 20 countries and can call upon a range of language and technical knowledge to provide services to our clients.

Illustrative Clients:

  • PartnersGlobal was contracted by Management Sciences for Development to conduct diagnostic assessments of the national Justice Houses program and evaluate the impact of the equity justice system to provide improved community dispute resolution in high risk and violent areas of the country.
  • In Senegal, PartnersGlobal was contracted to lead an international assessment team to assess USAID’s Democracy and Governance (D&G) strategy and to recommend a project design for a future D&G investment.
  • In Egypt, PartnersGlobal was hired by DPK to lead an independent evaluation team to evaluate the impact of a national program to offer mediation for family cases within courts and community centers, and assess a civil society grants program to support NGOs working to promote family rights and social services.
  • In Mexico, PartnersGlobal conducted comprehensive assessments of Citizen Participation Councils, through a subcontract with Management Systems International.
  • In Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen, PartnersGlobal monitored and evaluated a UN Democracy Fund project to build capacity of civil society in cooperative advocacy and community mobilization.


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